Having a blog

 Having a blog is not as easy as it seems.
 I wanted to have the blog on my own server. So I had to find the proper software for that. I had to install it. One day is gone.
 Then I started writing. This is easy because I'm full of useless stories.
 Then I had to subscribe to my own blog in every possible reader, so I could see how it looks like inside it. In google reader it has the " by Your DisplayName here!" suffix which I don't know the source of. Also in google reader it didn't display my post with the Amsterdam pictures (this one).
 Then I have to define the look and feel so that it looks good to me.
 Then I have to make sure that my posts are final, because frankly I don't know what happens if I make a change to a post.
 Then I have to make sure that I don't make syntax or grammar errors, because ... it's obvious.
 And finally I have to be persistent and write in a consistent manner in regards to time. Which is the hardest thing.

 But frankly I don't care about all that, the important thing is that I have a blog.
 Let's see how that would work.

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