@Lob in JPA, what if the class is not Serializable

If you have

public class Student {
    private static MyPictureClass picture;

and suppose you forgot to put Serializable to MyPictureClass, then guess what: there's no exception. You have to check the data in the DB.

Surprise no2:
Suppose MyPictureClassis a base abstract class and it is not Serializable. Suppose every inheriting class is Serializable. Then what happens? Well one thing's for sure: there wouldn't be an exception, but there wouldn't be any data in the DB (you'll get null). The runtime checks (in Hibernate) check the signature of the defining class I suppose, not the supplied class at runtime - and I would assume the opposite, because serialization works the opposite way. Maybe it's because Hibernate does some runtime bytecode modifications.

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