E-banking - finally, there may be a winner

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Being stuck with SG Expressbank made electronic transfers impossible, because they didn't work with epay.bg (prohibited) nor did they work with the e-banking software (every recepient has to be registered offline on-site (bank office), and for the ones that are registered the software does not work 🙂 ).

Almost by accident I tested a card I had in epay.bg for the balance (most banks have stopped this service, because of too many requests). And... I got it. It was working. Strange.

I remebered that I had registered the e-banking for that bank and had left the user/pass somewhere.

After a few days of searching I found it.  Keep in mind that getting the user/pass from the bank was quite an adventure and took more than 20 days and quite a few trips to the local office.

The login screen is right on the main page of the bank. I was amazed to see how easy the generation of the certificate was. While doing it I saw that they support smart cars (e-signatures). Well done.

The interface is really user friendly. Supports almost everything or at least it seems so. I haven't tried it yet, because the bankaccount is nearly emtpy.

From the interface notifications can be defined: SMS notifications, email notifications. Now I'm waiting to see whether it works.

A minor drawback was that I can't tranfer money to another bank account via epay.bg - I guess only FIB cards can (FIB is connected to epay).

And because I'm lazy to do it the old-fashion way - now I'm using the only possible way to transfer money electronically from SG Expressbank card to the new card I have - the epay's microbill (микросметка) - another thing I have to learn how to use. It was quite straight forward to start up and use, but it takes a few days (in my case 2 full days) to tranfer the money and the commissions are not going to be small.

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