Ctrl+Shift+T in Firefox = reopen last closed tab (window)

Ctrl+Shift+T is a popular shortcut in Eclipse.

Ctrl+T is a popular shortcut in Firefox - opens an empty tab.

Once by mistake I pressed the former by mistake and found out that Ctrl+Shift+T makes an undo for the last closed window (tab). And not only for the last tab.


2 thoughts on “Ctrl+Shift+T in Firefox = reopen last closed tab (window)”

  1. Хехе, снощи без да искам, открих една алтернатива на Ctrl+Shift+T във Firefox: Ctrl+F12 - също отваря последния затворен таг 🙂

  2. Ups, sorry that I haven't written the previous comment in English, in order to the style of the blog, Misho.
    Here is the same info in English:

    The last night, unintentionally I have found an alternative of the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T in Firefox: Ctrl+F12 - opens the last closed tag :)))

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