SonyEricsson K750i. SonyEricsson people, THANK YOU

Sony Ericsson K750i was my phone for quite a while. This is a thank-you note to the creators of that amazing machine.
Yesterday the latest accident finished it. This time for sure. It doesn't want to switch on. It's not showing any sign of life.

This phone made amazing pictures,
most of my public images are made with it. It was the best of its time.
There are still phone that can't match that. The iPhone's camera, for
example, sucks. With a really steady hand one could make night shots
too. I had a 2GB flash card of the awful sony format - memory stick.

The opera mini made it a decent browser. I could read and in the restroom. BTW is boring as opposed to
Opera mini, BTW, is an example of a perfect minimalistic software. It's amazing. Great job.

I could use the phone with a bluetooth GPS
until I lost the GPS in Amsterdam. The software choice wasn't that
great, because I only had Java and no operating system. Here's the
place to mention Nav4All
- an amazing map software with routing (navigation) maps for Bulgaria.
Once I ended up in a construction site in Sofia, but I hear these
things happen to every map software. Nav4All used internet for
downloading maps, and that made it quite a drag.

ReaderManiac made the phone an electronic book reader. Again
an amazing software - I was planning to write an article about it, but
maybe some other time. I read like 10 books on it. See the read books section
(phone pages state that I read this on the phone). Navigation was
amazing. Different font and sizes, great software. It even told you
when to rest your eyes. I could supply Cyrillic fonts.

Lacking an OS made the phone very stable and pretty fast. It crashed only once a few months. I hate the so called organizers - Windows Mobile sucks big time.

The 2GB flash made the phone an excellent mp3 player.
While snowboarding at -20 degrees Celsius it was working flawlessly.
The earpieces weren't that well attached but the quality was quite

A business phone: when it said that the battery was depleted it could work for at least a day at heavy use.

Negative sides:
the jacks got pretty dirty and the earpieces and the usb connection got
interferences. The screen wasn't as bright as the new phones. The
inside of the protective glass (plastic) in front of the screen got
full with sand and dirt and it was quite hard to clean it up. Thanks,
Steen. Ugly flash card jack (memory stick duo), ugly earphones jack
(something SonyEricsson). Nokia beats it here..

Update: I'd like to thank the mobile-review site for the outstanding reviews they make. Here's the one for K750i. Surely, I'll consult them for my next phone too. Also, their news page looks quite deserted, I really hope, they would continue to write good reviews.

So chronologically:

while free-riding (snowboarding outside the track in fresh snow) I
dropped it. After 80 minutes of heavy ringing I found it pretty wet
under 20cm of snow still working and most importantly ringing so I
could find it.

Second, I swam with it in a pool for at least
half a minute. After a complete drying it continued to work but with a
few minor quirks. Battery swelled up few days later and nearly blew up
the whole phone. The new battery didn't charge correctly. The quality
of the talks went significantly lower.

Third, yesterday I was
with the phone in the sea for around 10 minutes. This was the end of
it. It didn't show any signs of life after that. I did everything I can.

It's over.

Thank you, SonyEricsson people. This is was an amazing example of equipment.

SonyEricsson does not have a decent model with GPS. And that's what I'm
looking for. I'm planning to have an iPhone (my roommate has one, it's
a decent thing, but not for a primary phone) and maybe a Nokia with a
GPS. My friends say E71, although ugly, is a pretty good one for
business purposes. Both suck at pictures.
Maybe N82 too. We'll see.
Update2: BTW, mobile-review guys give a pretty bad review of the iPhone. They're right, I also strongly dislike Apple and its "closed" approach, but the article seems a little prejudiced. It seems personal. A red (bad) point for them.

Any other suggestions?
I'm looking for a GPS, decent mapping software with maps and
routing/navigation, wireless, a decent camera, fast interaction, no
Windows Mobile, a lot of space, decent mp3 player, sturdy....

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