Vital equipment dying

I think I'm having a bad dream.
Most of the most important technical equipment around me is failing:

First the phone: SonyEricsson K750i. An amazing machine. Very sturdy, survived a swimming pool, being lost in the snow while snowboarding, numerous hits, is now dead.

The laptop's battery completely fucked up, it's constantly overheating. The laptop itself is scaring me up - not to die one day - it's a DELL, so....

My car is on the end of its usable life. Although I'm so thankful to it for saving my life after all the stupid things I did when I was younger, I have to change it.

I'm planning to buy a motorcycle.

It's partly my fault - most of the equipment was showing dreadful signs for a long time, but I constantly postpone to take measures.

So now to be able to buy all that I'm thinking of finding a second job or sell a kidney.

One thought on “Vital equipment dying”

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