A great day

As opposed to the previous gloomy post, here I'll tell you (my dear single reader 🙂 about a great day I had a few days ago.

It all started at 8 in the morning: the phone call confirmed - the weather was great. Then a drive from Varna to Russalka (one of the best resorts on our seaside ever) - the trip was great - village roads light on traffic. I arrived in a sexy small bay with a motor boat (I don't know what that's called) on it and a really small island 10 meters from the shore. After a two-hour wait (I was late) I got on the wet suit and the oxygen bottle and my coach and I made a really nice trip around the island - up to 8-meter dives.

I tried to schedule a 25 meter dive - no luck. I had to have a special certificate.

Then with the pass for the diving I was free to do anything inside the resort. Now is the time to say that Russalka is a closed resort. Once inside everything is free - I had three cokes. It's very beautiful. (No camera sorry, I swam with my phone). I almost read Truman Capote's Summer Crossing.

Then on the way back I decided to go check out cape Shabla. Pretty nice place. Pretty close to the border with Romania. No more than 20 minutes there.

On the way there I stopped at Kamen Bryag and checked the ancient Tracian fortress Ajla. An amazing elevated view towards the sea. So pretty. Again 20 minutes there only.

Finally I arrived at Kaliakra - this is by far the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. Especially on sunset. The sea looked so powerful and mighty.

The day finished at Slunchev Bryag after a two hour drive at a Roger Sanchez's party. My car got towed and they gave it back for the humble price of 60 leva 🙁 and a 800-meter, 15-leva taxi trip.

I got to bed at 6:30 after the same 2-hour drive after the party.

A great day.

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