S60 Sucks, The phone rulez

S60 is a software platform for mobile phones, running on Symbian OS.
I have to work with it since I got my new Nokia E71.
Well I don't know if it's Symbian or S60, but I don't like it.

First, I can't save my laptop as a trusted bluetooth device. So it asks me on every single operation if my laptop is trusted. WTF? My previous phone could do that.
Second, I can't see my IP while in a wireless connection. No such option. This is important to me.
Third, I can't find the control panel which is for the keyboard layouts installed. WTF? I can't find the control panel for bluetooth. I can't find the control panel for anything.
Fourth, the Cyrillic language layout is really weird. Yea, ok, it's actually Russian, but still, it's weird.
Fifth, I can't get the flash card and plug it in, the phone has to be restarted. WTF? My previous phone could do that.
Sixth, The phone crashes too often. At least it reboots fast and goes right in the menu where it crashed. This is nice.
Seventh, I can't use the Cyrillic capital characters of М, Н, О, П in my address book, since the Address book crashes. It cannot list them, but the quick search works. WTF? My previous phone worked perfectly with Cyrrilic.
   Now my whole Address Book is in Latin. I don't like that. I want to use Cyrrilic. I'm really dissapointed.
Eighth, The software for editing the address book sucks. It's slow. Opening a contact list - 3-4 seconds. Saving it - 4-5 seconds. WTF?

These are the bad things, and they are driving me crazy. I'm waiting for an update. This is an example how Nokia can skrew such a nice phone with such a stupid OS.Do
Don't get me wrong I don't regret bying this phone and I'll find a way around all those things.

2 thoughts on “S60 Sucks, The phone rulez”

  1. Hei man why you have to use cyrilyc , who care whole world writin in latin .
    Yes E71 is not for everyone , is business phone not toy to play whit.
    Stupid bulgarian ( east europian ) people !!!!

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