Young people, voting and Michael Moore

Michael Moore's new movie's gonna be out in a week. It's about his going to colleges and making young people vote 4 years ago. It's gonna be free for download.

In my own country young people don't vote, they don't care about politics. It's a kind of silent protest, they say.

To my fellow country men (The aforementioned young ones):
So somebody is f*cking you in the *** and all you do is silently protest?! What kind of behaviour is that?!

Take a little responsibility, you're going to live in this country for quite a while, not the elderly people (who vote).

Currently we're being governed by coalition of ex-communists and an ethnic party and we're the laughing stock of the EU.

You put under the same denominator the last two right and the last two left governments.

Please, shut up, read a little more and go and vote the next time. There aren't any good candidates, you say? CHOOSE THE LESSER EVIL. I'll bet that you won't vote for that ethnic party, right? We all dislike this guy, right?

Vote for the single reason of getting him out of the parliament, he has done enough harm.

Just vote, please.

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