My eclipse shortcuts and tweaks

In a project where requirements change on a daily basis, refactoring is one's biggest friend.
I'm currently in such a project - not my kind of thing but reality sometimes sucks.
Anyhow, I've tried to look at it from the bright side.

I'm currently perfecting my refactoring skills in eclipse.

Here's what I can share.

Everybody knows about

Ctrl + Shift + R - find resource (file )
Ctrl + Shift + T - find type (class)

Alt+Shift+C - Change method signature

Alt+Shift+S - Context menu for source generation.

Alt+Shift+X, J
- Launch current focused code as Java Console App
Alt+Shift+D, J - Debug current focused code as Java Console App
Ctrl + L - go to line - when watching stack traces. NEW
Ctrl + O - find method in class.   NEW
Ctrl + T - Hierarchy of a class (subclasses + base classes).   NEW

But do you know these:
Alt+Shift+X, Q - Launch current focused script as an Ant Build Script (focused on a target in the 'Outline' window launches only that target, very handy)
Ctrl + >, Ctrl + < - Navigates through warnings and errors in a source file. Extremely handy.

Ctrl + 1 - launches the solution box or whatever that's called.
Ctrl + 3 - finds any window.
Middle button closes tabs as in browsers (only IE does not do that) - VERY, VERY COOL. Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4) only.
Ctrl + E - list of all the open windows (by Joke). NEW
Ctrl + J - incremental search (like Ctrl + F, F3 in browsers (real browsers, IE can't do that)), then arrow up/down to go to next previous, Enter to stop (by rado). NEW

Ctrl + Shift + / - collapse all. NEW2
Ctrl + Shift + * - expand all. These are very nice in long classes. NEW2

Ctrl + Shift + I - inspect selected source code while debuging.
The 'Display' window is my biggest friend - inside it you can write code and evaluate it with Ctrl + Shift + D (print result in the box) and Ctrl + Shift + I ( inspect the code in a context window.

That's for now, I'll update this regularly. If someone uses something regularly that is not here, please tell.

3 thoughts on “My eclipse shortcuts and tweaks”

  1. Ctrl + Shift + F - Source Formatting. when line length and other properties configured properly, code often uses to look a bit cleaner and standardized.

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