Windows Server did something so Microsoftish

It's 2 o'clock in the morning. I'm tired, I'm frustrated and I hate all that is Microsoft more than ever.

What happened.
Few hours ago there was a power surge. After the power was all back, my server started, I could ping it, but that was pretty much it. Nothing else worked.

I had to get a monitor at one past midnight to diagnose.
Long story short (it's 2 o'clock remember?) it came out that RRAS (Routing and remote access services) somehow started itself up to such an extent as to f*ck up my firewall, so my server went dead (network wise) - the ipnat.sys issue - very common it would seem.

After an hour of trial and error I fixed it using Safe Mode (Stopping the Firewall, starting RRAS, stopping RRAS, starting the Firewall, and the ICS afterwards). Fortunately neither the ICS, nor the Firewall lost their settings.

And..... I have to get up after three hour to drive to Greece.

I hate you microsoft software..

One thought on “Windows Server did something so Microsoftish”

  1. Good software needs good administration, my friend. In a movie about russian king Peter The Great he is testing new russion rifles. And he misses every target. He is angry and is blaming the producer with prison. The producer takes the rifle and does not miss any target. Then says: Good rifle needs strong hand...

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