'Vista's User Account Control

After a year with it, I switched it off.

It's slow and it proved useless.

Let me explain:
It's slow because switching to this darkened look while in Aero is taking a while. Caching keypresses is off, but I guess this is part of the idea.

It's useless:
Most software now requires privilege elevation, because ...well, I don't know. To spy better I guess. Why would Skype or Picasa require elevation otherwise?
It's useless because after you confirm the elevation, this software can do practically anything.

I prefer the old-school way of doing things right - never ever enter the machine with an administrator.
Very, very rarely elevate some CHECKED software with an admin user.
This is the best way to keep windows clean.
There's no need for an antivirus, only very rarely to assert one's self that everything is all right.

Does anyone know a good antivirus with the following characteristics:
1. Uses a maximum of one or two processes
2. It's easy to switch the real-time part of it off. To be able to switch it off completely without having to user regedit.
3. Small memory footprint.
4. To do a pretty good job.
5. Simple minimalistic interface where the "scan memory, registry and harddrives" button is on the front panel and there are no other buttons but the Update one.

One thought on “'Vista's User Account Control”

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