JAX-WS: Always clean-up generated stuff before regenerating.

I'm using JAX-WS.
When I'm generating stuff for a web service I generate the jaxws package in a 'gen' source folder.
I don't need the compiled stuff so I generate it to a temp folder that I don't care about.

It comes out that I do have to care about that folder because yesterday I got an obscure error:

com.sun.xml.ws.model.RuntimeModelerException: The serviceName cannot be retrieved from an interface.

This error has only 1 (one) hit on Google. Don't trust me?
Try this one out:


The use case in the forum has nothing to do with my environment so I cleaned up and everything worked like a charm.

I've always been unhappy with how production unready wsgen is (here).

One thought on “JAX-WS: Always clean-up generated stuff before regenerating.”

  1. I got this error when I was working with JAX-WS and I coudn't find any relevant topic on the internet. My problem was that in JAX-WS configuration file "sun-jaxws.xml" was wrongly defined class for implementation of endpoint.

    Therefore the JAX-WS coudn't retrive serviceName from interface. I changed the class for correct one and now it works.

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