Guitar tuner - how to tune up a guitar for dummies

I can't distinguish notes. This makes it hard for me to tune up my guitar.

There are tuners that just play a certain tone and one should be able to tune up based on the tone heard. I can't do it like that.

That's why I searched for a tuner that could "hear" my guitar.

Guess what - I found it. It's called AP Tuner 3:

It's amazing. It just works. No configuration, no nothing.
This is how software should be written.

What's new

I haven't written in over a month.

During this time I busted my ass off (worked a lot).

Somewhere around my last post I managed to stop the coffee, which for me is like a dream-come-true. One would ask - so what, it's not that hard? For me it was. I started drinking coffee in 10th grade. Around my first year in the university I started drinking a lot - my personal best is 8 cups per day. Since then it got stable around 6 cups/day.
From that time off I have made two attempts to stop it. They both failed. The first one managed to drop the dose to around 3 cups. The second attempt managed to drop to 1-2 cups per day. During the "dry period" I wasn't the same guy - I slept a lot, I couldn't stay focused - it was difficult.
The third attempt I did was different - it was easy. I guess the first two did the job. This time I just sealed the deal.
One would also ask - is coffee that bad? I don't know really. For me it was because I drank a lot and couldn't control it.

I stopped my facebook account - for me the cons are more than the pros.