Nokia Maps 2.0 free navigation license for 1 week

While searching for updates I found out that Nokia gives 1-week free navigation licenses.
One can be obtained from here.

Instructions: a mobile phone has to be supplied and a serial key is sent as an sms that has to be inputted in Nokia Maps. Unfortunatelly +359 (Bulgaria's country code) is not supported (but Romania is) so I used a friend's phone.

Yesterday I tested the thing and it's amazing. The routes it calculates are better than Garmin's ones. Interacting with the software is so much better, especially browsing the map - awesome. There is voice guiding in Bulgarian.

The generally good thing with Nokia Maps is that it's free (the software). There are a lot of maps that are also free. Only the routing capability has to be purchased - it's not very cheap.

Unfortunately their maps are really poor. Bulgaria's map is only 4 megabytes. The Bolkans' map is like 40-50 if I recall correctly.

3 thoughts on “Nokia Maps 2.0 free navigation license for 1 week”

  1. Zdravei Mihaile! Kolko razbirash ot downgrade za N95 8GB iskam da se vurna ot firmware v31 na v30............Vsushtnost govorish li bulgarki?
    Chao za sega, i se nadiavam da mi otgovorish! Merci!!!

  2. Hei ,
    I found your blisog at google search about nokia maps .
    So now again is one free week navgation and you can do it by your bg mobile number.
    Working well but .... only Sofia is coverred .
    Other tick is to find cracked nokia maps - unsigned , you can sign it on
    Working very good with all extras ,selv tested in most of europa ( western )

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