Test blog post with Windows Live Writer

I’ve heard of Windows Live Writer but I’ve always thought that it only works for Blogger and Sharepoint. A comment to the blog (here) made me investigate whether dasBlog would support WLW. It does. This is the first blog post with WLW.

While installing WLW in my virtual Windows XP (I’ll write about that later if WLW works) I decided to update the blog. The update can now be installed with something called Web Platform Installer 2.0. It installs crap directly from the internet especially crap for IIS:

Web Platform Installer 2.0

(Wow, WLW can inline the image in the text. I’ve always missed that.)

So, let’s see how this blog post would look like.

Submit... (in this case “Publish”)

Update: this cannot be true. WLW has live preview that embeds the post in the blog, this is so f*cking cool. Look at it:

WLW live preview

Image thumbnails, resizing. Categories. Everything seems to work seamlessly. So let’s finally submit it and see what happens (I may start using this a lot).

One thought on “Test blog post with Windows Live Writer”

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