How to start matrixtunnel

Matrixtunnel is a small http wrapper that adds ssl on top of plain http. Small memory footprint.

Here’s how to start it:

user:~# matrixtunnel -A /etc/ssl/ -p /etc/ssl/ -r 80 -d 444

Print help screen:

user:~# matrixtunnel -h
usage: [-c] [-v] [-d localip:port] [-r remoteip:port]

    -A      Certificate Authority file
    -p      private key and certificate chain PEM file name
    -c      client mode. remote is ssl, local plain
    -v      validate certificate
    -d      listen locally on this [host:]port
    -r      connect to remote machine on [host:]port
    -P      pidfile
    -f      foreground mode
    -D      syslog level (0...7)

If one wants to test, one can use –f (start on the console, not as a daemon).

Note: don’t use –v, sometimes it fails. I don’t know why.

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