First impressions from the US

The cars are different, the pipes are different, the knobs are different.

The mobile internet

Today we were wandering for half a day in the local ghetto looking for an AT&T store.. They wanted $20 for 100 megabytes and we decided to turn to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile offers unlimited mobile data for $24.99s and 600 minutes for $39.99. So for a total of $77 ($5 for some tax) I’m now always connected. The connection sucks big time. It’s normally like 2-3 kb/sec and the max I’ve seen is like 20kb/s.

The knobs

After 20 something hours of travel (2-hour flight, 2-hour wait, 9-hour flight, 1-hour bus ride, 2-hour train ride, 20 minutes in a cab, and god knows what else) there were so many smells coming out of me, so the first thing I needed was a shower. It took me like a minute to figure out how to start the shower and a minute more how to get the hot water. The knob was like an arrow of a clock. Originally it pointed 11 o’clock. It could move only counter-clockwise and from 10 o’clock until 8 o’clock is the cold water. The hot water is at 3 o’clock. At first I moved it only a bit and had to move away pretty fast. The strength of water flow cannot be controlled – it’s always the same and it’s pretty well chosen.

Politically correct

The word negro MUST NOT be used in any conversation even one being taken in Bulgarian or at least I was told so. Otherwise one could get beaten up, or when being in a ghetto - get shot.

Update: Pictures here:

2 thoughts on “First impressions from the US”

  1. The knob 'miracle' reminds me of the 'toilet' miracles in Western Europe and the different design and technical style that each country is used to. As for the work of art in Brussels - the can in the middle of the room, for instance 🙂

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