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My iPhone downloads my contacts from gmail. Whenever I click on 'Add new contact' I want this new contact to be uploaded to gmail. Unfortunately that is not the default behaviour. The new contact goes to iCloud, even though my default mail and contacts account is gmail.

Here's how to fix this:


Remove the iCloud contacts sync. This will completely remove the iCloud contacts group:


Problem solved

2 thoughts on “Default contact group on iPhone”

  1. This works indeed. However another problem comes to mind, what do you do with your iPhone contacts which remain on the iCloud but are removed from the iPhone after you disable iCloud sync.

    And most importantly isn't it possible to simply move iPhone contacts between the iCloud contacts group and other contact groups or directly to my Contacts app in order to transfer the iCloud contacts to the iPhone directly?

    1. Glenn, try using something of the sort of CopyTrans Contacts (a computer tool) which will move your iPhone contacts between your groups.

      You can thus, move contacts members of any contact group on your iPhone directly to your Contacts app.

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