Explaining to young female students that an IT career doesn't suck (that much)


It was a surprise to me, but I got invited to a forum organized by HP to explain to young women that a career in IT is not scary, doesn't suck at all and why it might be something that they may enjoy.

There were around 50 guests.

I was invited as an example of a "young" "successful" person. It was an honor sitting next to the Iravan Hira (CEO of HP Bulgaria), Preslav Pavlov (Global Deliveries Director for HP), Rumyana Trencheva (CEO of SAP Bulgaria), Zornica Iankova (HP's HR Director), Kristina Stoitsova (R&D at VMware).

Modrator was webcafe.bg's owner Sibina Grigorova.


The event was highly entertaining for me. The public initially wasn't keen on asking too many questions. But the discussion afterwards proved interesting. I was happy to hear that female CEOs didn't feel male colleagues treated them differently. Still there are far more males than females in IT.


Of course I wore a @bgjug t-shirt.

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