Review: Dell BH200

Some years ago I wanted to buy Bluetooth headphones. Then my phone (Sony Ericsson K750i) did not support the A2DP profile, so I gave up. My next phone (Nokia E71) had such an aghast audio player that I did not have the mood to use it as an mp3 player. Android’s audio player is pretty … Continue reading "Review: Dell BH200"

Macbook, the mac way of doing things.

After having a Dell Inspiron for a year (search ‘dell’ in the blog) and having issues with stability (battery died in less than a year, the power charger blew up, it started falling apart, heating up) I decided it’s time for a change. I wanted something very sturdy and then saw the new aluminum body … Continue reading "Macbook, the mac way of doing things."

Vital equipment dying

I think I'm having a bad dream.Most of the most important technical equipment around me is failing: First the phone: SonyEricsson K750i. An amazing machine. Very sturdy, survived a swimming pool, being lost in the snow while snowboarding, numerous hits, is now dead. The laptop's battery completely fucked up, it's constantly overheating. The laptop itself … Continue reading "Vital equipment dying"

Laptop overheating comes out to be a Vista Search issue

My laptop started heating more and more until at some point I had to start forcing it to "Sleep". (it has Vista on it) At some point I got really aggravated by that fact and started investigating. Forums revealed that the issue could be linked to heavy processor usage. Process Explorer showed that I had … Continue reading "Laptop overheating comes out to be a Vista Search issue"