A new and more exiting way of going around (Honda CBR600 F3)

Last year I got category A which allows me to ride a motorcycle. A few months ago I finally bought 02042009014 one – Honda CBR600F3. It’s 600 cc, 100 hp, manual 6-speed transmission.

The motorcycle is a bit old, but it was in a pretty good condition. I managed to scratch it a bit, but as far as I know this is part of the deal.

Riding a motorcycle in Sofia is pretty dangerous – the traffic here is pretty bad and drivers are not at all disciplined. But it’s so much fun: it’s fast and very exciting.

Having a bike is pretty cumbersome. I had to rent a garage at work and one close to home. There are the clothes, the limited space for baggage (only a backpack in my case) and the outside conditions (rain, cold weather, …). There’s also the cleaning, the chain oiling and so on. Servicing it is as expensive as an used car if not a bit more.  So having a bike is very unpractical, even having in mind that the traffic jams are no longer an issue.

But it makes life so much more colorful.