Longstanding Eclipse issues - fix them finally, please

Eclipse is the best IDE ever. It's the most stable, most popular, most- a lot of things. The developers that write the Eclipse code have T-shirts that say that - they are that proud. The code-base is said to be awesome - I don't have time to check. But, there are some longstanding issues.

First, SVN client. There's a CVS client that comes with Eclipse. SVN is way more popular. Put the client inside finally. I'm sick of solving numerous JavaHL issues. Fix it. I don't care how, just do it.

Second, Tomcat is the best web container ever and most popular in development. Integrate it better. There are numerous issues with debugging, redeployment and so on. These problems are so old. Fix 'em NOW.

Third, installing plugins is soooo slow. So very slow.

Fourth, web development is not that well integrated. WTP is still buggy, there are issues with configurations, deployment and so on.

Update: Fifth, autocomplete should put jdk classes/interfaces first!!! This is so important. Screenshot:

WTF is antlr.collections?! Are you kidding me?

Now, I'm trying to launch a main method without the "String... args" parameters and Eclipse cannot find it. This is also a longstanding problem.

This works:

public static void main(String... args)

This does not (eclipse cannot find the method):

public static void main()

I'm pretty sure there's a solution, but I'm not going to waste time searching for it.

I've wasted time with compilation, memory, various configurations with xml and whitespace also.

There are always solutions, but this is wasted time. What are the developers working on? Stupid pointless features? Fix these please. Please.

IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 on Mac OS X: save subversion credentials

This is a note-to-self. So when I forget the solution I can come back here and find it.

IntelliJ IDEA is one of the best Java IDEs. More here.

I have had the problem of not being able to save the password of a test svn repository. I found the solution:

  1. vi ~/.subversion_IDEA/servers
  2. add the following lines:
    store-passwords = yes
    store-plaintext-passwords = yes
  3. Save and restart Idea.
  4. Play around with the changes tab until a popup shows up that asks for credentials.
  5. Give the credentials and click <Save the credentials> or whatever it says.
  6. That's it.