2nd birthday

The blog became 2 a month ago. Happy birthday.

It’s been a lot of fun writing here. I have no idea if expressing myself in English has gotten any better, but the whole thing is very exciting.

The best thing is that I haven’t stopped yet. There were periods when I haven’t written a lot but still – here I am.

I’ve been planning to write some tutorials for such a long time, so I wish to myself that I’ll do write them this year.

The laptop therapy

I’ve been told so many times by people who know me that I spend a lot of time on my laptop doing unnecessary things. I remember my mom trying to get me out of the house when I was ten, but I didn’t want to since I was playing Lethal Weapon, Dune, UFO, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom or watching manga.

I realized that that is true and I could be doing so many offline things. So I invented the laptop therapy.

My last desktop I sold to friend a couple of years ago. The last laptop I got (dell, mentioned so many times in this blog) went to my sister. Now I have a couple of machines with no monitor and a macbook.

So the laptop therapy states: “leave the laptop at work”. So when I’m home I have to do offline things. I’ve been doing the therapy for a couple of weeks now and it really works. The only minor problem is that my roommate has an idle desktop that is always on and always free so I get tempted to use it from time to time. Fortunately it’s so slow that I get annoyed after half an hour.