Google is attacking Gmail?!

I have one gmail account configured to access another gmail account.

Now, here comes the fun part - how to fix it.

I logged with the other account (the one google claims is hacked) and I got a message similar to this one:


And then I have to click Yes:

And then I have to log in quickly.

Weird. Google migrated to this security protocol without notifying me. I have this new application style log in on my primary account, but not on the "cracked" one.

OS X Mountain Lion

I installed the "new" OS X - Mountain Lion - 10.8. This is the more un-hyped version of the operating system. The only usable features I found were Notes and Notifications sync with my iPhone, so far they work good enough.

Speech recognition integration is good. Recognition actually happens on an apple server which sucks especially with no internet connection.

Unsigned pkg files are harder to to install. An option has to be changed. is very neat - Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone, iWork.

People say there are battery issues. I haven't tested.


OS X adding extra dictionaries

OS X has a three-finger feature that translates or explains (depending on the dictionary) any word in any text. It has english dictionary by default plus wikipedia.

Bulgarian dictionary:



  1. 20mb This is far too insufficient.
  2. integrated 600mb This has a lot more words. Also "lookup online" feature that goes to

Dictionaries are installed either in /Library/Dictionaries or in /Users/<UserName>/Library/Dictionaries.

Facebook apps - no way out?!

At some point I saw many items in my facebook timeline coming from some weird apps. So I go to settings and see this:

I checked the list. I recognized only 5-10 apps. I don't how the others got access to my account. So I check online how to switch the whole thing off. I found the button in the privacy settings. It looks like this:

I click it, and then I get this:

I have been getting this for a couple of weeks now. Facebook dudes, I know that by using your service I give you full control over everything I do and get no control over what you do with my info, but at least make me feel like I have some control.

This is far too unprofessional.


Една приятелка почина преди няколко години. Преди няколко дни беше годишнина. Не знам дали иделизирам девойката или наистина беше страхотен ч0век - не мога да преценя сега. Но не беше лош човек определено. Тъжно е. Наскоро разбрах, че родителите й също са починали. А от двете ми срещи с тях ми се сториха много положителни хора. И доколкото успях да разбера, смъртта на единственото им дете сигурно е била тежка за приемане.

С Лора не винаги сме били на една вълна. Но никога не й се разсърдих сякаш и останахме приятели до края. Срещал съм адски гадни копелета през живота си и се чудя защо по дяволите точно нея прибра? Сякаш е честно някое гадно копеле да беше заело нейното място. Знам, че животът не е честен, но пък понякога човек не може да проумее тоталната безпричинност на всичко, което се случва...

Замислих се за родителите й. Възможно е смъртта на Лора да е била твърде тежка за приемане новина и това да е било нещото, което сякаш е изгасило светлината в края на тунела. Възможно ли е човек да загуби нещо, което да го накара да изгуби волята да се бори и да продължава напред? Аз напоследък минавам през разни неща и знам, че всичко ще се оправи, но има моменти...

Can I watch 1080p torrents while downloading on OS X? -- YES

Updated tutorial with better torrent client here.

Most large torrent files (8-20 gb) take quite a while to download. Is there software for Mac OS X that allows me to watch them while downloading?

The solution

I tried all (I mean all) torrent clients for OS X that I could find.

There were people before me who wanted the same feature and have asked the most popular clients (uTorrent and Transmission) whether they would support serial downloading. Developers replied that that would defeat the purpose of torrent protocol (it would seem that uTorrent changed their minds and have such a feature for windows).

Finally I found one that could download file parts in order. It's called BitThief. It's a research project and has an awful interface. But it works, and most importantly downloads serially.

-> -> ->

After the file is put for downloading, the speed must be good enough for watching. For example, if the movie is 1:30h long, I check the ETA time to be less than that.

To watch the movie I use MplayerX (an OS X GUI for mplayer). It can be downloaded for free from OS X App Store. Mplayer is light, can play EVERYTHING, and navigation is done with the arrow keys. Mplayer automatically regenerates the index (the thing that allows using the progress bar). The OS X gui is awesome and supports the Lion's full-screen view.

There's always a chance that things could go wrong - low speed or high speed in the beginning and then low speed (which is even worse).

Keep in mind that in order to watch a 1:30h long movie that is 20gbytes, you have to download with ~3.7mbytes/sec.

Update: tested with 700mb AVIs, 2gb, 6gb, 8gb, 20gb MKVs (was lazy to check the codec, h264 mostly I guess).

Update 2012.07.02: This solution has been serving me quite good. Still here are the issues: BitThief is not very optimized and while other torrent clients can utilize my whole bandwidth, BitThief fails from time to time, probably because it is downloading sequentially. Also magnet links are not supported and the interface sucks so much.

Update 2012.08.16: A fix for utilizing magnet links: magnet->torrent converter. Utilizing magnet links allows this process to work for and other sites utilizing the new magnet url technology.

Update 2013.02.04: The newest version of BitThief now supports Magnet URIs. They're saying that a new look and feel is also coming.