OpenWRT: ftp installation and configuration (vsftpd)

1 open holes in the firewall

Use OpenWRT's web interface (luci): open tcp:20 and tcp:21 for plain old unencrypted ftp.

2 install vsftpd

opkg update
opkg install vsftpd

3 create the ftp directory

mkdir -p /home/ftp_user/storage
chown ftp_user /home/ftp_user/storage

Note: Don't chown the ftp_user dir, because later we will jail the user.

4 add the user to the system

Add a user by editing /etc/passwd, useradd doesn't add a shell, so don't use it.

"/bin/false" - no ssh login possible



passwd ftp_user

to change the password of that user

5 configure vsftpd

Config, add these to /etc/vsftpd.conf, so the anon user points to the right location


6 jail the user


7 start and enable

to start and make it autostart at boot:

/etc/init.d/vsftpd start
/etc/init.d/vsftpd enable

Basically OpenWRT has issues in terms of scripts and commands, but it's amazing how many things are already implemented.

2 thoughts on “OpenWRT: ftp installation and configuration (vsftpd)”

  1. Cannot use /mnt/sda3/storage instead of /home/ftp_user/storage
    vstftpd refusing to run with writable root insife chroot()
    yave any ideas?

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