In Memoriam - Lorkis (8 yrs)

Wow, 8 whole years have passed since Lora left us. I feel old.

Looking forward is my thing, looking back - I've always had a difficulty doing it. It makes me reminisce but in a melancholic way. I have very large white spots in regards to my past. I guess my brains likes forgetting.

The weird part is that two very close friends have birthdays today. Mixed feelings.

Checking the old pictures makes me smile - there isn't a single boring picture with Lora. Rest in peace.

A bunch of pics I gathered:
More pics from friends:

My personal Lora song: Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves

[] Hackaton to create a JBoss Forge plugin to create Spring Boot applications

So this weekend the Bulgarian Java User Group ( organized a hackaton to try to create a JBoss Forge plugin to create Spring Boot applications.

JBoss Forge is a tool to ease development. Main traits are it can create JPA entities, It can create an example REST interface to those entities, a web interface to those entities and it integrates with Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA:

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 11.51.02
Cmd+Option+4 in IDEA on OSX, Ctrl+4 in Eclipse on Windows

The code is here. Here are a couple of pictures from the event:

IMG_5514 IMG_5515IMG_5513