Simple and light bootable flash to change NT password (I tested on Windows Vista)

I recently had to fix a changed Administrator password on a Windows Vista (most probably by malware, it disabled all admin users and changed passwords).

One can only use the Ubuntu Desktop installer with chntpw, but it is large and it's pointless to use it for this task. I found a very simple distro to use for the same task.

There is one tool I would not recommend: Ophcrack. It is supposed to "hack" (actually an unoptimized bruteforcer). I couldn't find a way to just "change" the pass. It didn't have chntpw bundled.

Here's a link: (it is very small, AFAIR only 3-10mb).

Gallery3 patch

There's this php photo album - Gallery3. I needed it to share images but the outlook had to be different:

  • the title of the pics is HH:MM
  • Separator between pictures from different days.
  • Ordered by
  • Upload from a phone (only current option is via ftp and then load the pics to the album via a module).
  • Special simple comments section.

This is the patch - it's ugly and inconsistent, but it works for me. My php is not that awesome 🙂

(in gallery3 with modules)# patch -p1 <