To try not to take it personally

Sometime ago I was having some "disagreements" with "higher management". The guys (from the "higher management") had no grounds really, did speak in a tone that was inappropriate and tried to convince me that I should feel guilty defending my point of view.

At some point I was really feeling bad, couldn't work and it was really difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. I did take it personally. I was expecting the righteousness to triumph. I was expecting the other side to confess of being wrong and apologize. That didn't happen.

I'm a Leo and I expect righteousness. I did not take into account my purpose of discussing my issues with the higher management.

At some point one of the guys on the other side took things personally and lost his temper. This sobered me up. Then I realized that his behavior is counter-productive. His loosing his temper has worked in my advantage.

What I'm trying to say in this post is that taking things personally will probably not work in one's favor. There will be so many times that things will not look right. At some point I did ask myself what is the purpose of the talk with the management. When I answered my question I realized that in order to achieve it I should change my behavior and stop asking god to administer justice.

Keeping self control in times like that is vital. At some point in time it will come back. Loosing one's temper will also at some point strike back and not in the good way.

The other important lesson I learned is: patience. Currently things look like I've lost, but the truth is that I couldn't have won anything more, so getting angry will only make me loose more.

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