Where's the technical part of this blog?

Lately (maybe even since I started the blog) I haven't written a technical post in this blog. Mostly I'm posting fun stuff (like the last one) or complaining about my fights with management (like this) or talking about life and the endless string of obstacles it puts when one strives for happiness (like this one).

Why's that? I don't know. Maybe writing a technical post requires more time than just the usual gibberish. Maybe I just need an outlet for the negative energy that I have. Maybe work is getting too much. God knows what else.

Anyway, I have some interesting technical things I wanna share, they waiting in the drafts, but need to be further investigated. I plan to do that sometime soon. I kinda, wanna liven up this blog, and not create yet-another-started-and-left-out-because-I-lost-interest-but-wanted- -to-try-out-in-the-first-place-because-it's-what-everybody-does-these-days blog.

Also I guess I'll continue to waste the time of everybody that reads this blog with the things that are on my mind, but, hey, it's a good place to channel out bad energy 🙂

I also noticed that I already have readers. Interesting. I didn't expect it. Haven't told a lot of people about it. Thank you for the attention 🙂

Have fun,

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