Car accidents' day

Today for a while I started believing in god.

I had to get up really early to take a friend to a car repair shop. It was (and still is) a rainy day and I was really sleepy. On the way there (driving kinda fast) I missed a right turn and went in the left lane (missing two cars and a van, whose driver lost control and stalled the thing missing me only for half a meter - fortunately he didn't hit anything). I stopped, apologized and continued on my to the shop without even my heart rate going any faster - I guess I was too sleepy (but not too much - as to avoid the accident).

Few hours later getting out of a parking lot I hit a car - quite a limousine with some mafia guys in it. Only a scratch on it and nothing on my car. After hearing the regular threats on my life, we (me and one of them) decided to call the police. Now is the time to mention that driver had parked on a bad place causing a jam and a lot of horns. He then moved the car to a different place but still causing a jam and a lot of angry drivers. At some point he decided to leave without even telling me. After a few minutes I called the cops to tell them not to come. I didn't even get a ticket.

What a day.

Until the end of the day I'll use only first and second gear.

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