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dasBlog can be made to send emails on every single event - comments, edits, referencing, ....
A good practice would be to have a separate email for the blog, at least that's what I did. Then if there's SMTP Server (google mails is perfect for that), the application sends messages to a designated email for every defined event. Perfect.

Another great thing: if your mail account has POP3 (google mail again), then the application (dasBlog) can be defined to check the mail regularly and if there's a mail with a subject containing a secret word, like that:


ALABALA  I just passed my exams


I got an A in <b>Marketing</b> and F in Accounting....

Then the title of the new blog entry would be "I just passed my exams", and the body would be the message body, keeping the formatting. Of course ALABALA should be defined as your secret word in dasBlog settings.

They say, that they support inline images and attachments, but I haven't tried it yet.

There's a small chance for dasBlog to delete all your emails in that account (a special option in settings, that strangely enough is enabled by default), that's why it's better to have a separate account.

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