Pictures in blog entries, part II

Part I is here
It's really annoying to have pictures in the blog.

Here are a few more reasons why I find it hard:

  1. dasBlog only allows adding pictures one by one. Of course I know were is it uploading them to, but this is cheating and I avoid doing it.
  2. Thumbnails have to be done manually.
  3. Making a picture a link (<a href...><img src../></a>) is quite hard (see this) - the raw html editor has to be used.

Of couse images can be linked from external sites, but I wouldn't want to depend on that because links can change.

I was thinking of directly copying thumbnails from picasaweb, but then all the styles also came through and broke the whole idea.

Another think I was thinking was to embed the flash picture viewer from picasa, but it only works if you read the entry from the website directly. Google Reader blocks it:

Picasaweb picture viewer (you have to read the blog entry directly - I have no idea which rss readers support it):

If someone has had the same issues, please share your experience and possible solutions.

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