ICQ in GoogleTalk web client (gmail) - revised

What I wrote so far:

Open browser, go to the messenger part, log in, as simple as that.

First impressions:

  • no ICQ groups - that sucks - I used to use it a lot
  • aliases
    of people are retained ('MG Zas' for example) - which is a backup for
    groups ('group MG -> user Zas' becomes 'MG Zas').
  • Cyrillic characters work fine (if it was working with my other client - Pidgin/Gaim)

the standalone client - Google Talk - I have no idea if it works there
- Google have a pretty wierd update policy - they update silently and
only some clients - it sucks.

After all  - it's usable

After a week of using it this is what I noticed:

  1. Cyrillic doesn't always work with everybody, sometimes UTF-8 comes as cp-1251, even though the browser is in UTF-8.
    1. However, when I write, everybody sees it correctly.
  2. No way to give authorization to people, no way to ask for one.
  3. No way to see user info. No way, really.
  4. Some of my peers receive everything in html. It's hard to chat with them.
    1. I guess people without the official client.

After all - it's still usable, but I'm not going to recommend it to any more.

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