In a few days

In a few days this adventure (having a blog) is going to have its first birthday. I remember the birthday because it is embedded in the admin password (yea, try me ;).

Today I was reading a few articles about having a blog (here and here) and the impression I got left with was that starting a blog is not always a good idea and to do that you have to have something to share and to follow some rules and most importantly have a goal.

F**k that. (Update: I don't know why I put asterisks, maybe I'm afraid of the moderators ?!)

I don't know if I have something to share. I don't know if I have a goal set for my blog. I didn't know about the rules until today. But I don't care.

What made me start the blog was an article from Joel (I can't find it right now) that simply said that a blog can help you express yourself better, can help you perfect the language you present your blog in, can help you understand yourself better. And one other thing - get more feedback for yourself - and that one is particularly precious for me.

So, do I follow the rules - no. Do I care - I guess not. (yea, sometimes I check the logs to see how 'famous' am I and the good results and some comments boost my ego, but that's pretty much it). Overall, I find it a good experience and the time spent on the blog wasn't completely waisted.

What am I going to do from now on - I guess pretty much the same thing.

P.S. Thank you my one reader for the continuing support and the few comments you left from different IPs (appreciate the effort). I would gladly buy you a beer.

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