Google Chrome

The new browser from Google - Google Chrome - is out.

First impressions: the html editor in the blog is NOT working, no idea why. I have to write html, it's really annoying.
It's fast. I don't see anything that's that much different from firefox.
The plug-ins are missing, I miss them.

Update: It's really fast, but so was firefox before all the pages and plug-ins.
Drag and drop works really nice:

Writing html really sucks.

Update2: It has something like the Firebug plug-in:

It has a javascript debugger, or at least it says so - I couldn't see what it can do.
The interface is really minimalistic, Google Talk style, I enjoy it. I could browse through all the options in a single minute.
It has the firefox shortcuts, downloads (Ctrl+J).

Update3: In maximized mode it uses even the title bar for the tabs. Cool. The tab text is too short to show the full title bar 🙁
I REALLY HATE WRITING HTML, I'm going to post to the blog with firefox :((((((((((((
This thing is really fast.

Update4: The dream is over - it crashed (while opening an online radio):

Still, it's a great piece of software, especially the interface.

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