Gmail's new attach file button

Gmail recently changed the "Attach..." button with a flash one. Today I found out why. Now one can attach multiple documents with one click. It's awesome.

Update: due to some comments here are some screenshots:

On a mac (firefox) it's working:

On Windows (firefox) there was no flash button. (I've seen Gmail and other google applications change the look&feel on different browsers and different google users. Maybe that's the reason.)

The screenshot:

3 thoughts on “Gmail's new attach file button”

  1. Sure? I was thinking that it is only for catching the mouse clicking inside the text field and popping up "Open File" window... At least under Windows XP I can't reproduce this with the multiple select. I am going to try it on the computer at home...
    Greetings 🙂

  2. I found it on a mac (firefox). A minute ago I retested it and it's still working.
    On windows (firefox) it didn't display the flash version.

    I've uploaded some screenshots.

  3. Hm, you are right.
    Some weeks ago, there was flash object when you are using FF under Win XP, bc the Flashblock-plugin was asking me first to unblock the flash before to attach the files, but obviously they have removed it 🙂 [I haven't realized about the change until now]
    I seriously doubt that they removed the flash because Windows is too perfect for it hahaha 😉
    Greetings 🙂

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