Really simple stylus (pen) for the iPhone

I have a friend with really long nails trying to play this game:


So she needs a stylus. How can I make her a DIY stylus for the iPhone?

There are these DIY clips online that require telescopic antennas, conductive sponges, glue and so on. How many of you have these things at home?

He're my solution:

I need a paperclip, a rubberband and cotton. That's it. The end result is this:

photo 3

  • Cotton can be substituted with toilet paper or a very small piece of sponge. (We need that in order to not scratch the screen).
  • The cotton has to be MOIST (WET). When it dries out it stops working.
  • The paperclip has to be unshielded with rubber. We need to conduct electricity for the capacitive touchscreen of the iPhone.
  • The cotton tip should be wider than the tip of a pen, otherwise it's not going to work.

2 thoughts on “Really simple stylus (pen) for the iPhone”

  1. Just use a paper clip by itself. The rounded edges are fine in the screen and won't scratch.

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