Adding another email to a primary gmail address

I use one central email address: (email anonymized). I want to add my work address to my primary address so I can control it from there.


option1: gmail's pop3 importer

Gmail cannot use IMAP to download messages (or I haven't found out how) from other mail servers. It can use POP3:


option2: forwarding

What i prefer is to make the mail server at to forward all the messages to This depends from server to server.


If you want to pose as from, you have to use's email servers, here's how it's done:

On's settings, do:

Gmail -> settings -> accounts -> Add another email address you own

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 5.56.12 PM

Then add the info of

NOTE: Uncheck "Treat as an alias"

Then add the server info:

Then an email with a code will be sent to

Give the code to gmail:

Now we're ready, compose a new email and put a different FROM address:

Now when you receive an email to designated for and you click reply, gmail will automatically put as the FROM address.

NOTE: People on the other side will never know you use

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