[jug.bg] Speaking at Riga Dev Day

So I'll do a talk about Http/2.0 at Riga Dev Day Conference. I'll be there representing the jug.bg. I'm pretty psyched to check out Latvia.

My session is on the first day



Update: my talk didn't go too well, because the technicians couldn't manage to connect my laptop to the projector - even though they asked about what kind of laptop I had. It took us 15 min, the it was flickering the whole time and that made me nervous and I overshot my time, because of wrong time on screen.

And to top it all of they recorded it and said it will go to youtube in a couple of months. 🙁

Not that it matters, but all my demos worked, kind of a Pyrrhic victory.

Update2: Riga is awesome and very beautiful.

IMG_6612 IMG_6616 IMG_6641

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