What is jPrime

It's rare, but people ask what is jPrime. Well here's the just of it:

jPrime is a community driven technology conference organized once a year by the Bulgarian JUG in Sofia, Bulgaria. Obviously it focuses on the world of Java.

jPrime is non-profit. What's that? The organizers (Gang of five) do this free of charge, and all monetary profit goes to the Bulgarian JUG, which uses it to fund sessions, events, workshops and jProfessionals (smaller one-day conference, organized 3-4 times/year by JUG.bg).
jPrime is organized by the community for the community and since there's no monetary incentive, the focus is on technology and there are no marketing talks. There's an effort to get the best speakers available - there have been many JavaOne Rockstars and Java Champions.
jPrime started 2015.
jPrime 2015: 1min video resume, slides, videos, pics (flickr, facebook) .
jPrime 2016: 1min video resume, slides, videos, pics (???).
jPrime 2017: May 30-31, 2017
jPrime in the media:
2015: softuni,

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    1. java-bg.org е стар домейн, който ползвахме преди jug.bg
      Единственото място, на което намерих стар линк е следното:

      Но точно там, пише и новия.

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