Gmail's support for multiple accounts in a single interface

I have multiple gmail and google apps accounts and hate the idea that I have to go through each of them to check them out.

There was always the possibility that I can forward them all to one big merge account, but then I would have to reply to a mail sent to with a mail account of and the user that sent a mail to would receive a response from which is not consistent (emails are made up).

Google has a fast account switch in the upper right corner, but that is not consistent, and google apps that have not been upgraded cannot use this feature.

Today I found out that gmail has substantially upgraded their support for other accounts.

This feature is found here gmail -> mail settings -> accounts -> send mail as:

First, you can "own" other email accounts with your google account, which means that you confirm that you own that other email address. For example I can own from my Then when I log in to I can send mail pretending to be from which is very cool. Long time ago gmail used to say that the mail may come from, but really it was from which made this feature useless. This is no longer the case. But for that to work gmail will use the smtp server of (one has to supply user/pass for gmail to be able to login). Now gmail leaves no trace (I checked the headers) of the account the mail was really sent from - I always add reply-to address when I own an email, haven't tested it without supplying.

Second, gmail automatically sets the from field when sending a message. This feature is really cool. If I login to gmail with and receive a message sent to and click reply, gmail will automatically set the from: field to even though I'm logged as This makes this feature an awesome one. Thus the guy that is sending mail to would have no idea I'm logged to gmail as mihail.merge.

The last thing, how to get the mail from mihail1 to mihail.merge? I use the forward feature. It works fine. Gmail allows me to add a mail and check for incoming mail via pop or imap, but does that with a timer, which would mean mail would arrive more slowly. This might have changed since I last used it.

Adding filters to sort mail makes this feature complete.

Conclusion: it's now easy to use one gmail account that can receive and now send mail from multiple accounts. Great work, Google.