About killing

Few days ago I accidentally hit a sparrow with my car. The poor creature did not survive. There's a really heavy feeling that grabs you right after that moment. Anger, frustration, trying to exonerate one's self. Sadness.

And if that's not enough, yesterday I hit a fox on the highway. I did not even stop to see what happened for which I kinda feel guilty. Again the sadness and thinking about life, the universe and everything else.

Damn bad luck. I have never hit anything before. And from the feeling of it - I'm no good for taking lives - I just can't bare the thought of it.

2 thoughts on “About killing”

  1. ...and let alone the fact that a fox is by no means supposed to show up on a highway. Maybe it's more correct to say it vice versa - a highway is not supposed to be populated with foxes... Because luckily it was ONLY the fox's life this time... but at high speed even the hitting of a small animal such as a fox might cause severe damages and troubles even worse than that.

    P.S. Quite a strange feeling - to write a comment to a Bulgarian in English ;-)... but this is it...

  2. You're right - hitting something bigger might have bigger consequences.

    P.S. why is it a strange feeling? Are you a Bulgarian too? I can't see another reason. It's an English blog anyway.

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