Chrome's EULA and Spying

commented out in a previous post of mine that Google Chrome's EULA said something like
whatever I do with Chrome is property of Google. They of course revoked that and said it was a mistake. If it wasn't I would, obviously, have stopped using it.

Later on I read on the history of the browser and how A browser is very important to Google.
This brings me to another topic. How much info does any corp have about me? Google has a lot - mail, calendar, reader, search.....(there are claims that Google is misusing cookies so they can track anyone - gmail cookie used in search). I don't like the idea that a single entity has so much info about me. As much as I don't like my Government spying on me via the ISPs (an ongoing issue here). I don't trust my Government and I don't trust Google. But until now there's not much I can do. Google's services are really good and free. Maybe if I have some free time, I'll spend it on finding ways to make collection my private info a lot harder, especially for Google. I'll share the experience, of course.

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