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Watching the blog stat one can't help but notice the decreasing amount of articles (I guess my single reader and I are the ones that should notice). Maybe it's because a lack of time. Maybe it's because of too much work,study or travel (I'm currently in Turkey on vacation).

Lately one new reason is emerging in my head (yes, it takes them (the thought) some time to mature :). Maybe I'm not writing that much because of the usability of the blog. The usability from the readers' point of view is bad (here for example,), but it's hard to fix it and I'm too lazy to do it. But now I'd like to talk about usability from my perspective (as the author).

I'm running the blog (hosted on dasBlog) at my own server with a very cheap internet connection so it's a bit slow. dasBlog doesn't do any kind of image help (not to mention anything more complex) - I have to do my own thumbnails (I so very much hate that). dasBlog's rich text editor does not support my phone's browser or Safari.

So at the end even if i think of a good story it takes a lot of time to represent it in the blog. Especially if it's very visual, or even only a bit visual.

So I have to think of other ways to improve my experience. And I just thought of one. I'll write when I do it.

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