[jug.bg] The Jenkins' creator in Sofia thanks to @bgjug #jprofessionals

The first edition of jProfessionals is happening right now.


We managed to bring over Koshuke Kawaguchi. He's the creator of Hudson and after leaving Oracle, creator of the open source Jenkins. The topic was Jenkins 2.0.

The next speaker is Vladimir Tsanev. He'll talk about JMH with examples. Very interesting topic. He actually showed how to create a simple benchmark and to how to execute it.

Update: After the plentiful lunch Svetlin Nakov was awesome presenting HTTP/2. He was great at explaining the inner workings of the new protocol. Emil Doychev presented Groovy. There was a little bashing on JPA.

Some time for coffee and Doychin Bondzhev presented JavaFX in a very accessible way.


Trayan Iliev talked about high performance reactive programming with java 8. It was very interesting. Especially the demo at the end.

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