Review: Dell BH200

Some years ago I wanted to buy Bluetooth headphones. Then my phone (Sony Ericsson K750i) did not support the A2DP profile, so I gave up. My next phone (Nokia E71) had such an aghast audio player that I did not have the mood to use it as an mp3 player.

Android’s audio player is pretty nice and as a whole the OS is a lot of fun to play with. I recently got a 8GB SD card, so I have the storage to put a lot of music onto.

Few days ago I was wandering, searching for a car charger for miniUSB (for my phone) and by the way asking for bluetooth headphones too.

In one of the shops they offered me these:

dell bh200

They were amazingly comfortable. I think I could jog with them. I tried them with the phone and they produced a pretty good sound. The charger was miniUSB just like my phone’s.

The good thing is that they’re foldable and have a lot of controls (next, previous, volume up/down, start, pause). And the price was amazing  - €35, so I got bh200 folded

They last more than my phone can play music, so I’d say that the battery life is satisfactory. The good thing is that they have a mic and can be used as a handsfree too.

The most amazing thing is that they can play while charging, which is amazing and since my laptop has bluetooth, I can use them to listen music from the laptop too.

While not listening, the headphones hang on the neck without making me uncomfortable.

The only issue I have is that somehow the headphones cannot switch easily from media to audio mode, so I cannot talk while listening.

Highly recommended.