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root# ./john --test -format=wpapsk-opencl
OpenCL platform 0: Apple, 2 device(s).
Using device 1: <strong>ATI Radeon HD 6750M</strong>
Benchmarking: WPA-PSK PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA-1 [OpenCL]... DONE
Raw: 12126 c/s real, 87771 c/s virtual
root# ./john --test -format=wpapsk-opencl --device=0
OpenCL platform 0: Apple, 2 device(s).
Using device 0: <strong>Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2820QM CPU @ 2.30GHz</strong>
Benchmarking: WPA-PSK PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA-1 [OpenCL]... DONE
Raw: 1192 c/s real, 156 c/s virtual

Android phones vs. iPhone

The Android chains are now broken. Android is supposed to be open source but most google apps are not, as are the drivers. I was using HTC Magic for a year and I was sick of it. The phone came with Android 1.5. I changed that with Android 1.6 wih SenseUI taken from xda developers' forums.

HTC does not supply new versions of Android for its older phones. I was running on a customized OS done by some guy just to be able to enjoy new features. The most used app was 'killall' just so I can pick up when someone called.

Review: Dell BH200

Some years ago I wanted to buy Bluetooth headphones. Then my phone (Sony Ericsson K750i) did not support the A2DP profile, so I gave up. My next phone (Nokia E71) had such an aghast audio player that I did not have the mood to use it as an mp3 player.

Android’s audio player is pretty nice and as a whole the OS is a lot of fun to play with. I recently got a 8GB SD card, so I have the storage to put a lot of music onto.

Few days ago I was wandering, searching for a car charger for miniUSB (for my phone) and by the way asking for bluetooth headphones too.

In one of the shops they offered me these:

dell bh200

They were amazingly comfortable. I think I could jog with them. I tried them with the phone and they produced a pretty good sound. The charger was miniUSB just like my phone’s.

The good thing is that they’re foldable and have a lot of controls (next, previous, volume up/down, start, pause). And the price was amazing  - €35, so I got them.dell bh200 folded

They last more than my phone can play music, so I’d say that the battery life is satisfactory. The good thing is that they have a mic and can be used as a handsfree too.

The most amazing thing is that they can play while charging, which is amazing and since my laptop has bluetooth, I can use them to listen music from the laptop too.

While not listening, the headphones hang on the neck without making me uncomfortable.

The only issue I have is that somehow the headphones cannot switch easily from media to audio mode, so I cannot talk while listening.

Highly recommended.

Google Calendar App on Android

On Android the Google Calendar app synchronizes with all the calendars from the gmail account. However it has an extra calendar called “My Calendar”. This calendar is the default one and is not synchronized.

So if one creates an appointment with default settings, this appointment will not be synchronized. Lame.

This calendar can neither be switched off, nor can it be made not default.

Super lame – I need everything to be sync’ed.

Google Android’s Contacts application deletes contacts while synchronizing with gmail - solution

So there’s this Android phone. It’s a HTC Magic.

It has a special app called Google Contacts. And I found a problem. That when I add a contact and then synchronize it with google servers it would make the contact disappear.

I found out why. When Google Contacts application first contacts a google account it make a new group called “Phone Contacts”. And there are all the contacts from the phone. There are other contacts in your gmail account mostly emails, so you don’t want them as contacts in Google Contacts, right? But they are there by default because the sync-ing downloads all the contacts from gmail.

There’s an option to choose which group to sync – all or just “Phone contacts”. I chose “Phone contacts”.

Now, why does sync-ing make the contact disappear? Well, because Google Contacts application creates it by default in “My Contacts” group. Then it uploads it to gmail and removes it from the phone’s Google Contacts application.

The solution is to move all phone contacts to “My Contacts” and sync only that group.

(I don’t think that it would work with “Phone Contacts” group, because when creating a contact with the phone’s application it does not ask in which group to put the contact).

Best of luck to all.