Google Android’s Contacts application deletes contacts while synchronizing with gmail - solution

So there’s this Android phone. It’s a HTC Magic.

It has a special app called Google Contacts. And I found a problem. That when I add a contact and then synchronize it with google servers it would make the contact disappear.

I found out why. When Google Contacts application first contacts a google account it make a new group called “Phone Contacts”. And there are all the contacts from the phone. There are other contacts in your gmail account mostly emails, so you don’t want them as contacts in Google Contacts, right? But they are there by default because the sync-ing downloads all the contacts from gmail.

There’s an option to choose which group to sync – all or just “Phone contacts”. I chose “Phone contacts”.

Now, why does sync-ing make the contact disappear? Well, because Google Contacts application creates it by default in “My Contacts” group. Then it uploads it to gmail and removes it from the phone’s Google Contacts application.

The solution is to move all phone contacts to “My Contacts” and sync only that group.

(I don’t think that it would work with “Phone Contacts” group, because when creating a contact with the phone’s application it does not ask in which group to put the contact).

Best of luck to all.