Long Island, Fire Island

Currently I’m on a A320 (very comfortable seats) plane flying from Chicago to Phoenix en route to LA. This is the only 07062009178 opportunity for writing blog posts. But it’s hard the muse has left me (only 3 hours of sleep and some Metaxa (hope I spelled it right) last night.

So Long Island. When I came to US my geography was pretty bad. I wasn’t good with states, and cities. Everybody know where NY is on the map but I had no idea that NY is entirely seated on islands. Manhattan is an island (one of the five boroughs). The others are Queens (to the right of Manhattan), Brooklyn (below Queens), Bronx (to the north) and Staten Island (just below Manhattan).

So after a night in Queens we all decided we could use the Sunday and go the bea07062009197ch. We went to Fire Island – a small island below another island below the middle of Long Island. We went to a nude beach (friend’s choice) where the view wasn’t pretty. Anyway we had fun as seen from the  picture and went inside the water (was very cold).

Oh yea, and we brought a small freezer with like 4 sixpacks (twenty-four .330l bottles) of some crappy beer and only the three of us tried to drink it.

The gorgeous girl on the right is Erica.

Update: Pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.com/mihail.stoynov

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